What is Elev8d Fitness

The Elev8d Fitness program is a whole-body approach to fitness and functional wellness based on the notion that you shouldn't have to push your body to its limits to see real results. The workouts use a unique approach called low-intensity interval training, a method of performing challenging full-body exercises at the minimum effective dose followed by bouts of low-intensity recovery exercises, so you yield results without stress, strain, or injury. Elev8d Fitness routines feature 8 core movements that reset alignment, maximize range of motion, and activate key muscle groups for improved functional strength and fat burning.

Our Story

It all started back in the 1970s, when future NFL star John Lynch, just a high school student then, asked his friend Pete Egoscue to help him get in better shape. Pete is the Father of Modern Postural Therapy, and he recalled his days in the Marines when fitness involved obstacle courses—climbing walls, running under logs, jumping over water pits. That was fitness that was fun, but more importantly, it was fitness that involved a full range of motion, meaning it compelled him to move his limbs and joints in all the directions they were designed to move, thereby calling on the body to recruit its largest, deepest muscles. So he put together a fitness plan for John with all of this in mind, and it worked so well that over the next five decades he used his philosophy of fitness to help dozens and dozens of the world’s top athletes.

But his dream has always been to show the world that true fitness is really about two things—full range of motion and fun—and make that accessible to anyone who wants it. Prior to the Internet, that kind of reach just wasn’t feasible. But now, of course, it is. Enter Sonia Jones.

Sonia is the founder and publisher of the health and wellness website, Sonima, which has won the Webby Award in the Lifestyle Category and features Pete as a primary expert. The response that Sonima and Pete have gotten has been so overwhelmingly positive that Sonia and he decided to create Elev8d Fitness, bringing Pete’s unique and incredible brand of fitness to a much wider audience and fulfilling one of Pete’s dreams.