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Most of us are working out twice as long as we need to. That’s because we’re usually doing the same thing over and over and rarely asking our bodies to move in different directions. When we employ a full range of motion with our joints and limbs, our bodies are forced to recruit our largest muscles, enabling us to achieve better fitness results in far less time.

That’s why Pete Egoscue, the father of modern postural therapy, created Elev8d Fitness. It is predicated on 8 Core Movements that compel a full range of motion, helping you align your body and achieve maximum fitness through workouts that are just as fun as they are short. Full range of motion and fun—that’s what fitness is all about for Pete, and because of Elev8d, that’s what it can be all about for you.

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Available Everywhere

Work out on your own terms. Elev8d is available anytime, anywhere, so you can say goodbye to crowded gyms and intimidating workout classes with limited availability.

Personalized Plan

Choose your workout based on the amount of time you have and your current fitness level. And you can change your preferences any time you want.

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Comprehensive Workout Library

Explore our extensive library of daily workouts and bookmark your favorites.

Continuous Motivation

Visit our blog, The Sequence, for instructional tips, inspiring transformations, and to learn more about alignment and functional wellness.

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Step-by-Step Guidance

Enjoy step-by-step instructions from our expert Elev8d Fitness Director Brian Bradley, so that you never have to wonder if you’re doing an exercise right.

Tools to Keep You on Track

Log each completed workout to track your weekly progress.

Tools to Keep You on Track

Elevated Success Stories.
Real People Real Results.

  • Success Story - Kelly Avatar

    Elev8d has given me confidence in saying "yes!" to physical activity I wouldn’t have thought I could do. "


  • Success Story - Yusuf Avatar

    Elev8d offers me the flexibility to stay in shape while traveling and has kept me strong and injury free. "


  • Success Story - Roy Avatar

    Incorporating Elev8d exercises into my workout routine has increased my strength, speed, and mobility as an athlete. "


  • Success Story - Kathy Avatar

    I was skeptical when I started this program, but it has made an immense difference on how I feel and look. "


  • Success Story - Kathy Avatar

    Never more than 25 minutes and I have lost weight and gained tone. Fantastic workout."


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